Beauty in Rock Botton

Eden Huang        Santa Ana 牧區   

There is beauty in rock bottom.
God picked me up where I fell, and God embraced my imperfections like no one else could.

Last year, I had to quit my job because I was deceived and mistreated by the CEO of the company. In fact, it was my first job after graduating from college and I wish I had better judgement when the CEO  behaved inappropriately around me and other women in the company.
Not knowing how to respond, I followed the ways of the world and obeyed the evilness in the total of 3 months. It was the darkest moment in my life, and I was too shameful to tell anyone because I was also afraid of losing my job and my career.  Therefore, I spoke up to him directly  that I could no longer work with him but he told me that I am nothing without him. Long story in short, I finally quit my job and made my decision that I would hire an attorney to file a lawsuit against him for his malpractice and evilness.
I was angry and devastated. I never thought I could ever FORGIVE him and FORGET how he had wronged me. I wanted to commit a suicide. However, God came to me and saved my life. I experienced his love and comfort. God inspires me to think that forgiveness doesn’t mean the person who wronged you was right.
And that when it seems impossible to forgive, just remember one thing: Jesus forgave you and still loves you unconditionally.

As a result, I forgave and I decided to move on with my life. What’s more, I made a deeper connection with God during my toughest period in life. Indeed, God uses circumstance to develop of Christ-like character. God is love and love is everything. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciations. God’s love is beyond comprehension and God deserves our best. I am committed to be the best representation of our Lord and everything I do will glorify his name in Heaven. Everything in this world can be taken away or it can be replaceable, but only God’s eternal truth and love can NEVER be replaced or taken away. It is rooted deeply in our heart.

I met Jesus in the rock bottom and he picked me up and gave me the wing to fly. I am flying and I have God’s favor everywhere I go. 

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