Healing Through Repeated Prayer

Allen Hsu  6/28/2020 via email     Santa Ana Campus

Hi church friends,

I wanted to share a testimony about what God did this Sunday, June 28, 2020.

At about 11 am, as I was about to listen to Pastor Andrew on the Sunday sermon online, a friend of mine called me. 

Something led me to answer the phone where I would normally call back later. Victor, my Caribbean friend of many years living in San Jose, CA, called to say he didn’t return my call yesterday because he was helping a friend to pack and move to Florida. He then shared with me that he had slammed the truck door on his finger and he was in pain. He said he couldn’t sleep all night because his finger was badly swollen and he could not even touch it.

Having watched a video about a teaching about God’s desire to have a close relationship with every person willing to receive Him through Jesus and His willingness to demonstrate that love with healing, I offered to pray for Victor and his hand and he accepted. As I prayed for him, I felt God’s love for him and I commanded the swelling and pain to leave him and for his hand to be healed, in the name of Jesus.

After the prayer, Victor said that the swelling was going down and he was able to move his fingers. He also said the pain had reduced by 50%. Remembering how in scripture Jesus prayed multiple times for a person and the testimony in the video about a person who was in a wheel chair for 20 years in Syracuse who was prayed for 25 times and in the end she walked out of that church without using the wheelchair, I resolved to keep praying with my friend’s permission. With each prayer, my friend confirmed that the pain and swelling reduced. After about 7 or 8 times, he said he was able to move his fingers and that the pain was mostly gone and the swelling by 70%. He also said he could now touch his hand whereas last night he could not even touch it.

We praised God together and I told him I really sensed God’s love for him and desire to have close relationship with him. He said he would pray and thank God later. As he had a customer (he was selling household goods at a flea market) we got off the phone. I praise God I had the opportunity to share God’s love and hope that my friend gets closer to God through the experience.  I hope this testimony encourages our church members to keep taking risks and pray for those who are sick around you. Praise the Lord.

Allen Hsu

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